Pranam Kisan approach towards sustainable agriculture is based on certain key principles including:


Promotion of Agripreneurship (Agricultural Entrepreneurship)

Quality Production

Quality production

Agricultural Practices

Enhancing yield and productivity by promoting sustainable agricultural practices

Growth Model

Creating a sustainable and inclusive growth model involving farmers, community, experts and the government

Food Production

Promoting surplus food production to meet local food and regional food demands

Our Objectives

A stronger, more vibrant local economy

The local food economy generates wealth for Farmer’s community. There is adequate food processing, storage, and distribution capacity for a range of business sizes and scales. There are many job and business opportunities in the local food and agriculture sector.

A healthier food secure community

A greater proportion of Pranam Kisan’s food basket is grown, raised, prepared, and processed closer to home. Fresh farm products are more accessible to everyone. Families and communities are encouraged to grow, prepare, preserve, purchase and celebrate fresh food.

Vibrant, attractive, and unique food places

Pranam Kisan is known for its agriculture. People may easily connect to food and agriculture assets, activities, and resources. Food growing, processing, buying, selling, and eating places are all accessible at your neighborhood.

Less energy emissions and waste

The Pranam Kisan system reduces dependence on non-renewable energy, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Instead, alternative renewable energy is used, such as energy generated from agricultural by-products and food wastes, which are also composted to improve soil quality.

Healthier ecosystems

The agriculture system positively contributes to the overall health and ecosystem services that green spaces provide. Natural production reduces dependence on synthetically manufactured agrochemicals by replacing them with ecological methods of soil conservation and pest management.

Services For The Farmers

Helps & Funds

Arranging funds to provide financial support .

To help farmers grow market oriented crops.

Helping farmers to find prospective buyers for their crop.

Technology & Training

Introducing new farming practices to the farmers.

Providing access to high-end machinery and technology to the farmers.

Spreading awareness about the various applications and benefits of IT in the farming sector.


ducating the farmer on the various past harvest technologies relevant for their product.

Organic Farming

Farmers should be brought back towards Organic and Natural Farming with Economic Independence.

Services For The Customers

Close To Customer

We seek to reduce the distance products travel between producer and consumer.

Money Saving

Save money by reducing overhead; driving, parking etc.

Keep your money at home as we provide you farm product at wholesale price.

Health and Quality

Serving Fresher, seasonal and healthy farm product because your health is our final sentence.

Best food quality for healthier life.

Our Thoughts