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An Asset for Generations. Invest in Healthy & Wealthy Living . Invest in Humanity. Invest in Cow.

Buy a Cow Today and become an Agripreneur

First time ever invest in a real time,living commodity.

Open an account with world's first "Cow Bank".

World's first investment gives you Health & Wealth both in return.

Create an asset for Generations,Cow-Currency.

Fulfill your dream to own a Cow.

Create a Heritage for your Family.

Become a partner of world's largest agribusiness community.

How to Buy Cow Currency

Register with Cow Currency online at www.pranamkisan.com/cowcurrency.

After successfull registration,you will be alloted a "Cow Code".

You will received detailed documentson your registered mail id.

Understand & select revenue model for "Cow Currency".

Follow the steps and Submit required documents.

You will be received a link to activate "Cow Currency".

Now you became a registered Cow Owner.

Note:   "Cow Code" will be needed to activate your "Cow Currency".

What is the Profit to buy Cow Currency

You will tension free about pure milk of life.

You wil add a unique asset in your life.

You will get amazing returns on your Investment.

You will save on daily basis.

You will directly involve in "Cow Care".

You will have royal status as a "Cow Owner".

You will secure your and your family future.

You will alloted International level precious "Cow Tag".

 Who can Buy Cow Currency?

Who want to own a Cow, Buy "Cow Currency".

Who want to do Business, Buy "Cow Currency".

Who want to Invest, Buy "Cow Currency".

Who want to Save, Buy "Cow Currency".

Who want to give a unique Gift to loved one, Buy "Cow Currency".

Who want to Donate, Buy "Cow Currency".

Who want to Healthy, Buy "Cow Currency".

Who want to Wealthy, Buy "Cow Currency".

Who want Hunger free world, Buy "Cow Currency".

Who want to aware people, Buy "Cow Currency".

Why to Buy Cow Currency?
  • If you buy a Cow,it is not a good idea but Best idea ever.
  • Everyone should have a Cow as an Asset for mental,Financial and Physical Strength.
  • Everyone need to drink pure Indian cow milk and consume Indian cow's byproduct.
  • To be a part of Cow farming which is root of natural/organic farming.
  • To improve Environment and Health.
  • To develop sustainable Agribusiness System.

 Business Plan

Establishment of National Institute of Panchgavya Technology in 29states.

R & D of Panchgavya Products.

Development of 7000 Cow Dairy all over India.

Pure Cow milk and other products for every household.

One Cow Currency cost-1,51,000/- INR.

One Cow Currency product benefits - 3 Ltr of Milk/Day.

Return on Investment approx. - up to 36% per annum.

Pricing for "Cow Code"

One Cow Code cost = 500/- INR.

One Cow is eligible for One Cow Currency purchase only.