Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Development

CSA Development – Community Supported Agriculture & Awareness Program

CSA is a relatively recent and innovative concept that is establishing the relationship between farmers and consumers. Customers paying in advance In return, they receive a regular (in most cases twice/thrice a week) selection of food. We grow only niche products so we recommend everyone to take subscription so they are not disappointed.

The regular supply of food grown on the farm provides nutritional security and a sense of community for customers. On some farms, get-togethers with customers or workdays are part of the agreement.

Generally, families spend about 10000 - 20000 per month on food items. Operating a CSA requires excellent crop management skills to provide attractive and diverse Daily/Weekly food baskets, as well as good customer service.

Self-Sustaining Farm Services


  • We explore new trends in life style farm to kitchen concept.
  • Farming in modern world.
  • Explore the new ways of growing farms. Let’s grow your own food with new advanced style.
  • With this small foot print you choose rapid growth of locally grown, fresh, pesticide-free food.
  • This is highly efficient model to sustain best product all the time.
  • We provide complete service, maintenance and dedicated monitoring for your farm with trained man power.
  • We can train you if you enjoy farming.