Young Agrepreneurship Summit

Youth Agripreneurship Summit 2016-17

The Youth Agripreneurship is coming soon. Under the theme “Breaking Barriers”. Scholars and key stakeholders in the agricultural attended it and entrepreneurial sectors as well as more than 120 youths across the Country.

Young Farmers Profiling Project:

Since agriculture is the backbone of Global economy and it is indisputable that every citizen should look to it for sustainability. What better way of encouraging them to do so as by showing them examples of success stories of other young people who were in the same predicament as theirs but managed to extricate themselves from poverty through Agriculture. The young people make over 60% of the national population and as they are able bodied, have the skills as well as knowledge; they can contribute to the development of the economy.

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Pranam Kisan organizing Youth Summit is held to primarily discuss the myriad of challenges and solutions that can help “break the barriers” that inhibit youths to realize their full potential in agriculture. Prominent scholars and key stakeholders were invited to interact with the youths while sharing their experiences. Importantly, the summit is also meant to listen to the issues that youths were raising.

Highlights the core issues address by Executive Director:

PK welcome all the delegates that attend the Youth Agripreneurship Summit 2016-17 highlighting that this crucial initiative is meant to strengthen young people’s participation in the agricultural sector in India and other countries. PK extended appreciation to all groups, personals, govt, companies etc for contributing towards the success of the summit.PK underscored the goals and expected results of the summit. The goals and objectives are underscored below.

The main objectives of Young Professional Platform for Agricultural Research and Development are as follows:

I&K Exchange

Facilitate I&K exchange among Young Peoples: disciplines, professions, age and regions.


Broaden opportunities for Young Peoples to contribute to strategic Agriculture Research Development policy debates.

Promoting Agriculture

To promote agriculture among young people.

Access To Resources

To facilitate access to resources and capacity building opportunities.

Goals, Objectives And Outcomes:

The goal of the summit is to generate and connect ideas aimed at progressing agriculture around the globe with the next generation of young people. This is a step towards encouraging youths to take charge and be responsible for their future and the community around them.

The Key Objectives Of The Summit Are:

The Main Objectives Of PK are :

  • To provide an avenue for agriculturally focused youth from around the nation to discuss the challenges of engaging in the agri-business sector and to identify actionable agriculturally sustainable solutions.
  • To provide a platform to young people actively engaged in the agricultural sector and with the drive of succeeding as young entrepreneurs to network with relevant stakeholders and other young people in farming to build up social capital to mobilize resources and build strong alliances.
  • To share success stories of young people in agriculture thus motivating participants to stay proactive and maintain a high degree of persistence to succeed in the sector.
  • To create an atmosphere that fosters business networks and friendships.
  • To motivate youth by showing them available opportunities, e.g. jobs, investments, business in agriculture.
  • To bring young people together to support them in developing their own action work plans to shape the development of their communities and the empowerment of their peers.
  • Securing commitment from the government, development partners, private sector players, civil society, youths in supporting youth driven Agripreneurship, employment and food security.

Presentation from Youth Organizations

The main aims of PK are as follows:

  • Empower Indian Young People.
  • Long term reduction in poverty using the principal of why gives man fish when you can teach him to fish for a lifetime.
  • Combating Environmental threats.
  • Sustainable Agricultural Business Models for youth to apply to their projects thus increase economic development sustainability in the genre of Agribusiness.