Organizing the most unorganized sector, “Agriculture"

Aims to provide access to affordable and quality service to farmers as well as consumers in India. An initiative to improve the lives of Farmers across India.



What is Pranam Kisan:

A dedicated business model to empower farming community. Building a digital Agri-tech platform that will create a sustainable agriculture ecosystem. Establishment of a profitable business with positive social impact.

Why Pranam Kisan:
  • Organizing “The Middleman” of Agri supply chain, instead of trying to eliminating them.
  • Employment opportunity for farming community.
  • To integrate farms, farmers, vendors/traders & Customers at a common platform to organize the agribusiness sector.
  • Real time data analysis about current and future cropping pattern of every acre of land.
  • Transparent market linkage
  • New opportunities for landless farmers and poor farm workers.