Community Farms

We have running projects in Haryana near Gurugram and Sirsa and we are working on a few upcoming projects in Jaipur and Chandigarh area.

 Chemical free vegetables, Fruits, Pulses, Grains, Spices, Herbs, Milk and Milk products at your doorstep directly from farms.


We have got our own farms to provide the finest products all around and allow everyone to choose scheduled deliveries with automated subscription plans for maintain a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. We are the domain to serve you niche products that too with assurance of quality and freshness. The regular supply of food grown on the farm provides nutritional security and a sense of community for customers.

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Our specially designed Community Farming business model is developed by thinking about the consumer as a community and provide direct farm access to every individual consumer where they can choose what to grow for their food requirements and farmer can receive a fair price in return. Pranam Kisan is a brilliant example of Community Supported Agriculture method.

Community Supported Agriculture:

Community Supported Agriculture is a relatively recent and innovative concept that is intended to create a relationship between farmers and consumers.
Explore the new ways of growing farms. Let’s grow your own food with new advanced style. With this small foot print you choose rapid growth of locally grown, fresh, pesticide-free food.

How “Pranam Kisan” works:

⦁ One Stop Solution for all requirements of quality farm produce
⦁ Community Supported Agriculture concept where consumer invest in a farm land and in return receive best quality Agri produce
⦁ Offering Specially designed Digital platform for urban consumers to grow their own food
⦁ Real time food production on demand of every family.
⦁ Digital Agri Chatbot, where consumer receive real time information about sowing, inputs, harvest timing and other farming practises by weekly newsletter
⦁ Digital managed delivery schedule and ordering pattern based on seasonality and crop rotation protocol

Agri Tourism Development:

Agriculture Tourism is one of the biggest and fastest growing industry in India and Community Supported Agriculture will create new opportunities for farming community as well as urban residents.

  1. Agri-tourism appeals to customers who have a desire to visit a farm and experience its activities. People losing family bonding and traditional values. 
  2. Agri-tourism is playing very important role in maintaining some sort of natural and social connectivity; especially for children.
  3. On-farm overnight stays are done with comforts like beds and breakfasts to relax in a bucolic atmosphere. In some instances, people could enjoy work on the farm too.
  4. The concept of “Farm Stays” is very popular in Europe, is catching on in India. People organizes get together on farms where they cook and enjoy fresh lunch and dinner. Family-oriented activities and celebrations are getting popular on farm. People are getting more nature friendly so they are gifting Plants and using them to decorate their home.