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We have 3 products coming very soon

1. KisanPool: Rural Agri-Fin Tech Support Center

All of us are aware of the issues faced by farmers of India, especially the lack of financial support for field operations and required farming practises, no proper field assistance by experts, non-availability of quality inputs and no direct market linkage. The question has always been: when is the farmer ready to accept institutional field assistance and how can he get the fair price of its produce? They are used to dealing with existing infrastructure and content.

Enter KisanPool Rural Agri-Fin Tech Support Center: A Soil2Sale Digital Platform

We aim to solve the same problem, although a little differently. Find best quality Agri inputs and provide result-oriented field assistance for sustainable growth of every individual farmer. Connecting farmers to world of immense opportunity, assistance and sustainable growth with handholding at every step forward.

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How it will work?

Essentially, any farmer from the neighbouring area can walk into nearby KisanPool Rural Support Center and also connect by digital platform (e.g Audio/Video call, Chatbot); get an analysis, consultation from an industry expert, and access to high quality, reliable services. The Executive Farmer at the kiosk conducts an analysis, and connects the farmer to an agriculture expert online through a live video or audio feed, through the KisanPool Agri-Fin Tech platform. 
Based on the needs and requirements of the farmer, the executive farmer can even get the farmer access to a live tele-analysis process, which gives information about all necessary content to the agriculture expert online. Thus, the technology platform essentially connects farmers with Agri experts, Agri labs, input suppliers, and even finance and insurance providers. It also takes a digital print of the farmer’s details, to provide easier assistance the second time around. 

Pranam Kisan is working on changing farmer behaviour in rural India by offering them Employment opportunities, institutional field assistance, direct consumer access and providing consistent required support at their doorstep at a price they can afford.

We aim to open 10,000 Rural Agri Fin-Tech Support Centers in next five years with a vision to provide best agricultural assistance service to farmers at a cost they can afford, at a distance they can travel, and with the dignity they deserve.
We also have proposal for state governments to allot us 1 hectare of land in each Tehsil/Taluka to restore biodiversity. We develop that land as biodiversity hotspot with self-sustainable model farm and an Agritourism destination.

A convenient neighbourhood on-site farm production assistance, wholesale & retail format which brings you all kind of Agri commodity with farmgate traceability and complete price transparency.

⦁ Trader: – Provides an opportunity and platform to connect with farmers across India and abroad. We give you a network and instant credibility on our platform to remove the bottleneck of limited resources.
⦁ Vendors: – This platform will enhance their reach to each farmer across the country & overseas allowing them to offer best price & promotions. Our marketplace will have a procurement unit, which will enable the farmer to buy & sell his requirements through our platform.
⦁ Consumers: – We are committed to bring quality and affordable farm produce at consumer doors step on reasonable price with our efficient agri value chain
⦁ E mandi: – A complete agricultural trading platform that contributes to the local economy and the overall cultural, financial, social and environmental sustainability of the Nation.
⦁ Govt: – Determine to extend and join hands with Government bodies to reach every farmer.

2. iAgripreneur (Agripreneurship Management Program):

Transforming traditional farming into an inclusive Agri growth powerhouse with help of hi-tech training, skill development and employment generation.
What is an Agripreneur?
It is the act of being an Agripreneur, meaning “One who undertakes innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into agricultural economic goods” and farmer community will be benefited. It is the concept in which somebody uses all his energies to find solutions to the problem that can serve him and his society in the best possible way.

Or The process in which you look at things in such a way that nobody has ever imagined when the person provides the solution everybody realizes that it can be done and even followed.
Agripreneurship is an exceptional form of employment as well as excellent way of fostering innovation and reinforcing social and environment values. However young people often find themselves disadvantaged when attempting to embark on entrepreneurial endeavours thereby calling for such platforms to break down barriers

Agripreneurship in the business context is the process of creating or spotting a farming business opportunity, making substantial investment, often more than the financial resources available with the Agripreneur, formulating strategy to expand the production and continuously repeating the opportunity-investment-expansion cycle. Agripreneurs at different points of their Agripreneurial journey directly involve in managing farms, production, business and hence a broader understanding of agriculture business management. Farming business is an existing business build by some Agripreneurs who were hardworking farmers at some point of time in the past. The opportunity- investment-expansion cycle is also relevant for the family businesses. Since farmers directly participate in the management of agriculture business, a broader knowledge of business management is useful in running successful Agri business. Management Program for Agripreneurship and Farming Businesses (MPAFB) aims to provide inputs that are relevant for Agripreneurs and members of farming businesses in creating and managing new business as well as existing businesses.
India with changing economic environment, demography, life style and economic development provides great business opportunities for Agripreneurs. Despite not so healthy global economic conditions, India is still attractive for many overseas companies to source services and components which are globally competitive both on cost and quality. Agripreneurial activities increased in India dramatically and farming businesses are equally growing in the last few years. Since most Agripreneurs and new entrants of farming businesses have no experience in managing business, MPAFB gives them an opportunity to learn fundamental principles of managing farming businesses that are relevant to this group from the India’s top Agricultural Organization.

3. Agribusiness Investment Venture (India):

A community investment initiative to restructure Indian Agricultural practices to optimize and improve life of Farmers. An integration of technology with traditional farming knowledge to revitalize the backbone of Indian economy.

3.1) Aura 7:

We have provided so much powerful and valuable herbs by nature. Our ancient knowledge based deep research and latest technology find a luxurious way to achieve health living goals. Handcrafted and Formulated with All-Natural Herbs.
Herbal Textile is one of the biggest innovations in the wellness industry today in the country. It features the perfect blend of natural ingredients with the soothing properties of selected natural herbs, developed for today’s fast-paced lifestyle

3.2) Tasty Nutrients

Made by natural herbs and plant-based ingredients. This is a very key step towards the sustainable business establishment for social & economic harmony. The growing organic food industry is a rewarding opportunity in both financial and personal satisfaction with social improvement terms. In today’s hyper active world, one requires lots of nutrients to stay active and healthy.
Healthy Food Improves Body and Brain Power. We are going to run a “Social Nutrition Program” in association with Institutions and Corporate sector to ensure that all Children, Youth and working people must get nutritional food and increase productivity. Good nutrition is the fuel for development, forming the foundation of good healthy lifestyle.

3.3) Agri2Energy

A green energy initiative – Energy is primary need of human being and the demand of energy increasing everyday with the population. A huge amount of waste also generated all around the world and it is increased every day. The agricultural waste is biggest cause of pollution and threat to the environment. Human health also effected very badly because of polluted environment.
The waste is potential source of energy too. If we use this threat in a proper way, we can fulfill all our energy requirements and also, we can save the environment too.

3.4) National Institute on Panchgavya Technology (NIPT)

Panchgavya technology is an old system of medicine described in ancient Indian literature ‘Ayurveda’, means the therapy of human ailments through cow products. Research & Development of the Panchgavya products for the control of the human ailments. Bio vaccine, Herbal antibiotics, bio fertilizers for sustainable agricultural production.

3.5) Cow Currency

A unique physical economic unit with digital footprint with direct impact on sustainable agriculture goals and social, economic and ecological harmony.