Sustainable Agribusiness Establishment
A new horizon for every Agri stakeholder to optimize resources. Digital platform for Farmers to sell their crops at best price! Customers having direct access to farm produce! Traders can effectively perform and increase profitability with an organized supply chain.
Controlled Farming Method
Our Controlled Farming method that is developed by thinking about sustainability in agriculture. Integrated and need based farming practices. We understand the nature of soil, different cropping patterns and environmental effect. Balance between demand and supply will create a win-win situation for every stakeholder.
Holistic Agribusiness Strategy
Our Holistic Agribusiness Strategy that is developed by thinking about the Farming as a whole, its place in the broader economy and society, and in the lives of its customers. It attempts to develop and maintain multiple perspectives on the farmer's commercial activities.
Advanced Barter System
Our Advanced Barter System that is developed by thinking about the Agri Commodities exchange by farmers itself or representatives of Farmers (E.g FPO). It will help agribusiness community to control excess and shortage situation. Both side farmer receives fair price in exchange and availability of required Agri products, where no farmer needs to buy Agri products on retail price after selling wholesale.
Community Supported Agriculture
Community Supported Agriculture is a relatively recent and innovative concept that is intended to create a relationship between farmers and consumers. Explore the new ways of growing farms. Let’s grow your own food with new advanced style. With this small foot print you choose rapid growth of locally grown, fresh, pesticide-free food.
Agri Tourism Development
Agri-tourism appeals to customers who have a desire to visit a farm and experience its activities. People losing family bonding and traditional values. Agri-tourism is playing very important role in maintaining some sort of natural and social connectivity; especially for children.

Welcome To Pranam Kisan

An interplay of online and offline working model to build an on-ground brick-and-mortar farming concept with a technology based Agri assistance platform that will create a sustainable and healthy agriculture ecosystem for farming community.

Our Organization

We are a sustainable agricultural establishment project that aims to provide access to affordable and quality service to farmers as well as consumers in India.

Our Motto

Our goal is Organizing “The Middleman” of Agri supply chain and increase the income of farmers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to eliminate limitations of traditional supply chain by technology and hence strengthen the agribusiness stake holders side by side creating jobs in the process

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Journey So Far

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Our Advisors


Yash Vyas – Founder of Agro2O
  1.  An innovative Smart hydroponics system. Developing portable and fully automated indoor hydroponic gardens. 8+ years of International experience in Business Management in the Retail industry.

Moin Mohammed – Founder of HireMyFarmer

A platform which integrates the Agriculture services and provides a open public layer to navigate the farming lands and services of farmers in a cadastral map view with Real time Geo spatial data. 8+ years of IT experience in gathering Software requirements and Develop / Implementation of EAI based Technologies of Message Oriented Middleware and Enterprise Service.

Jitendra Yadav – CEO and Cofounder of Dhaanika
  1. Dhaanika is the blend of three Hindi words i.e. Dhaan, Dhaani, Dhanika , meaning grain, goodness and prosperity. Dhaanika stands for our belief in prosperity through grains. 6+ years of Management experience.

Tanu Shree Singh – Founder of Bewust Foods

Crafting “millet only” snacks with “Sensible Nutrition” Nutritionist producing 100%Millet based “Convenience Foods” without chemical/sugar/salt loads, catering the health & food safety needs of Indian workforce. 6+ years of food nutrition experience.

Swapnil Sharma – Founder of Go Naturo Foods
  1.  A strong value chain especially for F&V Category. 8 years of experience in Procurement, Retailing (Food), Supply Chain and Agri-Products’ Marketing, Sales, Brand and Business Development. 
Vikas Birhma – Founder & CEO of Gramhal.

Aims to increase the income of smallholder farmers in India by providing them a bundle of post-harvest services of storage, credit, and access to the market through a digital platform. 

Ashwin Mahavadi – Founder of Krishiyog

  1. Provides end-to-end services to farmers to make smallholder farming more profitable. 6+ years of experience in agricultural supply chain management.
Buddhi Prakash Gurjar – Co-founder at EF Polymer Pvt. Ltd

Working to solve the low water availability problem for agriculture by using bio-waste.

Incubation Partners

Agri-extension Partners

Why Us

Eliminate Limitations

of traditional supply chain by technology and strengthen the existing agribusiness stake holders


“The Middleman” of Agriculture supply chain, instead of trying to eliminating them.


farms, farmers, vendors/traders & Customers at a common platform to organize agribusiness sector.

One stop solution

for all requirements of quality farm produce hence creating a positive social impact among the masses

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Regd. Office: 11, Nanu Marg, New Sanganer Road, Jaipur (Rajasthan) – 302019

SCO 58, Civil Lines, Gurugram (Haryana) – 122001