welcome to the phygital world

A mandatory fusion of Physical and Digital

welcome to the phygital world

A mandatory fusion of Physical and Digital

Agri Tourism Development

Agriculture Tourism is one of the biggest and fastest growing industry around the globe and Community Farming will create new opportunities for farming community as well as urbanresidents.

Agri-tourism appeals to customers who have a desire to visit a farm and experience its activities. People losing family bonding and traditional values. Agri-tourism is playing very important role in maintaining some sort of natural and social harmony especially for children.

Community Farming

Our specially designed KisanTreat Community Farming as a Service (CFaaS) business model is developed by thinking about the consumer as a community and providing direct farm access to every individual consumer where they can choose what to grow for their food requirements and farmer can receive a fair price in return. KisanTreat is a brilliant next level example of Community Farming.

Controlled Farming Method

Our Controlled Farming technologies that is developed by thinking about sustainability in agriculture as well as nature. Integrated and need based farming practices. We create ecological sustainability through synergistic symbiotic and natural evolutions of agriculture. Providing value linkages globally with the same to consumers and farming families.

Holistic Agribusiness Strategy

Our Holistic Agribusiness Strategy that is developed by envisioning about Agriculture ecosystems as a whole, its place in the broader economy, society and impact on our customers lives. Its attempt to develop and maintain multiple perspectives on Agri commercial and social activities.

Sustainable AgricultureDevelopment

A new horizon for every Agri stakeholder to optimize resources. Digital platform for Farmers to sell their crops at best price! Customers having direct access to farm produce! Traders can effectively perform and increase profitability with an organized supply chain.

Barter with Blockchain

Our Advanced Barter System integrates economically viable ecosystems to create efficiencies to supply and demand with the farmers as a supplier and net consumer. Fair price exchange, pooling of purchasing power for agricultural and personal requirements. Where no farmer needs to buy Agri products on retail price while selling pre wholesale.



Community Farming

Farm to Kitchen Supply Chain

Agri Tourism

Increasing Income and Improving lifestyle of Farmers

Green Collar

Skilled and Verified Rural workforce. Find a Job or Hire a Worker

Agri Real Estate

Invest in Agriculture

Agri Machines

Personal machine trade


New Currency

Agri Finance

Organized Livelihood

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Organizing the most unorganized sector, “Agriculture”

A cutting-edge AI-driven Agritech phygital platform to provide end-to-end Soil to Sale solutions for the Farming community through a centralized Internal Control System.

Our unique phygital platform powered by Blockchain & AI technology for Total Transparency and Total Traceability (TT & TT) is facilitating transformation in various processes of agricultural economy

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