Organizing the most unorganized sector, “Agriculture”

Pranam Kisan is our proverbial People tree which works for the growth of all humanity and focusing on building a sustainable socioeconomic ecosystem. The theme behind Pranam Kisan is “Organizing the most unorganized sector”as the team started working on this idea 17 years back, they found that to achieve their goals they need to solve unsolved puzzles. At least 7 key steps from Soil-to-Sale in Agri value chain, where the farming community facing real problems to sustain have been addressed. Once covering all these steps, the real growth will start and it will become a profitable agribusiness model with positive social impact.


next Phygital Platform

Pranam Kisan has been working in India since 2007 to strengthen the agriculture sector. A cutting-edge AI-driven Agritech phygital platform to provide end-to-end Soil to Sale solutions for the Farming community through a centralized Internal Control System.

Following services for farming community and agribusiness stakeholders:

  • AaaS (Advisory as a Service)
  • CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service)
  • FaaS (Farming as a Service)
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • MaaS (Marketing as a Service)
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service)
  • SaaS (Skill as a Service)
  • TaaS (Technology as a Service)
Why Us

Why Pranam Kisan

  • Uberization of Farm workers through their skill upliftment and employment opportunities.

  • Industries will create revenue increases,employment options for rural women and young girls.

  • Every individual farmer will be trained and made aware about advancedagribusiness practices

  • To integrate farms, farmers, vendors/traders & Customers at a common platform

  • To eliminate limitations of traditional supply chain by technology and strengthen the existing agribusiness stake holders

  • Agriculture was the key development rise of sedentary human species.

  • All requirements will be monitored by a centralized system and provide solutions based on individual needs

  • Supply schedules, Farmer Machinery and Livestock record will be managed and monitoreddigitally.

  • Organizing “The Middleman” of Agri supply chain, instead of trying to be eliminating them

  • Opportunities for employment and livelihood will stop the migration and increase thereverse migration of local people



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