Following are some MVPs in different categories under the umbrella of “Pranam Kisan”:


Farm workers skill trainings and Agripreneurship management program

Kisan Treat

A unique combination of Community Farming and Agri Tourism. A SubscriptionbasedPre-Harvest trading methodtodevelop a sustainable Farm.

Green Collar Employment

A Phygital Platform to Uplift Rural Economy. A Blockchain enabled transparent bridge between Farmers and Skilled Farm Workers. Uberization of Agricultural workforce.

Green Credit Card

A Credit on Performance based Livelihood Security service. Also count the Carbon Footprints through lifestyle.

Kisan Pool

FPO and cluster-based farming management project

Kisan Port

Agri inputs (seed, fertilizers, manure etc.) management and Farm gate processing, storage and supply chain management

Aura 7

HerbalLifestyle and Sustainable Fashion establishment

Tasty Nutrient

NaturalHealth and Food Supplements

Cow Currency

A blockchain enabled Phygital economic model based on Livestock. Panchgavya technology and cowpathy development.


Agricultural “Waste to Wealth”solutions. Explore new technologies and processes to create Wealth and Bio Energy alternatives from all kinds of agricultural waste

Agribusiness Investment

Aunique investment venture for agriculture-based start-ups and agribusiness projects.

Green Collar

Uberization of Agricultural workforce. A digital transparent bridge between Farmers and Skilled Farm Workers